Termoekonomi was established in 1980. Our business concept is to have a small efficient organisation with vast competence to implement complicated projects. We are working from a system perspective what allows ensuring optimal solutions for every customer, and it is related not only to a technology part!

Different surveys, feasibility studies, planning, measures development, and data for decision making are important components of our business. But we can offer much more than mentioned above, our services embrace the whole process – from idea to projects commercial operation.

Our company is a world leader in large-scale heat pump technologies. We also deliver solutions for such energy systems as district heating and district cooling, installations for power plants and process industry, and also work with smaller systems such as office buildings, residential houses, shopping malls etc.

Every customer and every project has special needs, conditions and requirements. With Termoekonomi as your partner, you can be sure to receive the support every situation demands.