Heating and Cooling for the Olympic Village, Beijing


Project: District heating and cooling for the Olympic Village

Comission: System design

Client: Beijing Tianyin Geothermal Development Co, Ltd

Year: 2005, commissioned summer 2007

Capacity: 30 MW cooling, 20 MW heating

Our first commission in China was a system design, including investment budget estimation, of a centralized heating and cooling system for the Olympic Village in Beijing. The task was to create an economic system characterized by an environmental profile.

​We have designed the system with heat pumps using treated sewage water as a low-temperature energy source. The sewage water is taken at 3 km distance from the Village and distributed by a newly built pump station. The production plant in the middle of the Village delivers heating and cooling energy to apartments. During summer one heat pump is used for covering hot-tap water load, and the others – only cooling. The sewage water is utilized as a heat sink in this case, i.e. it removes condensers waste heat.

The project pre-design was quite detailed and included the whole thermal energy system: pump station and sewage water piping, production plant, distribution networks and also terminals in the apartments.

​The system was in operation before summer 2007 in order to be tested well in advance before the summer Olympic Games 2008.