District cooling storage 50 000 cbm, Stockholm


Project: District cooling plant with water storage.
Commission: ”Turn-key consultancy service”.
Client: AB Fortum Värme samägt med Stockholms stad
Year: Commercial operation 2010
Capacity: 80 MW cooling
The production plant is located in Kungsholmen in underground rock caverns under Stadshagens IP. The 50,000-sqm water storage makes this plant unique in the world. During night time the storage is loaded, implying that its water is cooled down by district cooling network which, in its turn, is cooled by low temperature seawater from Värtan, i.e. free-cooling. During periods of high loads (day time) cooling energy from the storage is extracted and distributed to consumers. In this way the share of environmentally friendly free-cooling is increased in a total production-mix. In order to guarantee temperatures there are four highly efficient chillers installed as well.

Termoekonomi has been engaged into the project for several years. At first, for a purpose of investigations, feasibility study and basis for decision making. Afterwards, we designed the facility, provided purchase support, management for construction & installation. Finally our company commissioned the plant and prepared extensive documentation.

The plant has been in commercial operation since spring 2010 and has been supplying district cooling with high availability since then.