District cooling system (70 MW) in the centre of Stockholm

StockholmCommission: Project management etc for renewable energy supply of four schools.

Client: Fortum Värme.

Year: 2010-2011

Fortum, the major energy company in Stockholm, is supplying heating to most schools in the area. Normally, this is done with district heating. However, some schools are located far away from the network. Therefore, Fortum will install other environmentally friendly energy sources, thus reducing the use of fossil fuels.

Today, the schools are heated be oil and gas boilers. Installed heating capacities vary between 110 kW and 500 kW. Heat pumps using the ground as heat source via drilled holes will be installed in two of the schools. The other two will use biomass boilers.

Termoekonomi has already made feasibility studies for the different schools. We are now engaged for the project management, purchase management and construction management in the realization phase.

The installations will be made during the summer holiday 2011.