Energy Optimization for a Biogas Plant in Ulsan, Korea


Project: Reduction of energy consumption for biogas facility.
Commission: consultancy services.
Client: Scandinavian Biogas Fuels AB, Ulsan, South Korea
Year: 2008-

The Swedish company Scandinavian Biogas Fuels AB has received a contract to improve and operate a wastewater treatment plant in South Korea for 15 years. One shall, among others, install a facility for upgrading biogas. It is vital for profitability that the whole treatment plant is operated in a very energy efficient way.

Termoekonomi has assisted Scandinavian Biogas with diverse efficient and profitable energy solutions since 2008. We started with a general review of the plant. Some parts of technological processes generate heat while others need to be heated. We have proposed a solution to combine the processes via a close loop to a largest possible extent in order to decrease energy consumption.

We now assist our client in the procurement phase with inquires and tender evaluations.